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The AMBRA bags are the outcome of a long journey, based on a great experience developed in the leather manufacturing area, followed by a continuous and constant research and above all, made with love and dedication, a passion without limits.

The entire collection was designed and created in Italy, been produced manually, by high qualified local artisans, who work respecting the traditions.

All the materials, leathers, textiles, finishes used are carefully selected, ensuring the quality and beauty of the final product. By this project, we wanted to give life to the most authentic spirit of ‘Made in Italy’.

An AMBRA Bag includes the wisdom of the Italian handicraft, the history of our tanneries, the customization and the passion flavor of a handmade product.

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Carlotta AMBRA - Fashion Designer

Carlotta AMBRA – Fashion Designer

Born in Rome,  as a girl she spends her time between the grandmother’s tailor shop and the grandfather’s leather workshop.

Unfortunatelly her passion for the fashion world were not accepted by her parents, who tried to send her way from this “ephemeral” world.

Graduates the economics university, she follows her love for the arts and fashion, beginning to travel for work between France, England and Italy.

After a long period abroad he decided to return permanently to Rome, having the aim to continue to grow and develop hrs passion in the fashion industry, especially in the leather area

Putting into practice the know-how acquired in the years spent far from Italy and its craft skills, in 2013 she designed her first line of bags with the AMBRA brand, which ranges from everyday shopping, to the clutch for the soirées, always focusing on style and elegance.

In her Roman laboratory, Carlotta makes use of the precious all-female collaboration of highly qualified Italian artisans.

The keywords are: extreme attention to detail and exclusivity of materials, strictly made in Italy.

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